Monday, July 03, 2006

Never Mind!

No, really, that's the book title!

Book: Never Mind! A Twin Novel
Authors: Rachel Vail and Avi
Published: 2004

Meet Edward and Meg Runyon. These NYC twins have always suffered from being total opposites in a world that thinks they should be exactly alike just because they were born on the same day. Meg is the goody-goody, high-achieving, smart twin. Edward is the laid-back, mischievous, fun twin. They have absolutely nothing in common. Now they’re even attending separate schools, and it looks like they’re going to drift further apart than they already are.

That’s until Edward, as a one-time joke, tells the queen bee of Meg’s new school that he and his fictional band, Never Mind, are coming to her party next Saturday. How was he to know that Meg has already told Kimberly that her super-cool twin brother and his hot band, Never Mind, will play at her party on Saturday?

Maybe they have more in common than they think . . .

I picked this book up because of Avi, whose
Romeo and Juliet Together (And Alive!) At Last
I blogged awhile back. I normally try not to rec the same author twice . . . I figure if you’re anything like me, you go looking for their other stuff if you enjoyed the first one. I’m fudging this because Avi co-wrote it, and just cuz it’s such a fun book. Through a farcical tangle of miscommunication, complete delusion, and unlikely coincidences, the worst nightmares of either twin seem poised to come true on that fateful Saturday night.

By the end, you may join Edward and Meg in saying, “Uh, what exactly happened?” But maybe all you need to know is that these night-and-day twins are finally starting to appreciate each other for their similarities and even their differences.

And as for the rest of it?

Never mind!

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kate said...

Hi- just found your blog. I hope to start one, too- I am a "nona" in Davis, Ca, been reading out loud to kids for 40+ years, would like to share some info...esp. reading out loud to younger kids. Do you have an email I can reach you at? Have you written about books for younger kids? Babies- to about age 6...thanks!