Friday, June 04, 2010

Book review: Alison Dare, Little Miss Adventures by J Torres and J Bone

Book: Alison Dare, Little Miss Adventures
Author: J. Torres
Illustrator: J. Bone
Published: 2002 (original)
Source: LibraryThing Early Reviewers program

Who I Told I’d Read It: LibraryThing
Time: 0:18:44

Genies that grant every wish as mischievously as possible, a dad with a secret superhero identity, an archaeologist mom with an evil Nazi nemesis. A little too much for most children's books, but business as usual for Alison Dare.

I got this from LTER thinking it was a graphic novel in the usual sense (well, usual lately). It turned out to be a collection of three Alison Dare adventures, bundled together in one book. In style, they're more like old-fashioned kiddy adventure comic books. Which was fine, once I got used to the notion. I did feel as if I came in during the middle of the story, and had a hard time sorting out who was who. In spite of that, I think it would be great, especially for reluctant readers who want a rip-roaring time.

Clearly drawing on the Indiana Jones trope of adventure (even down to the title font and certain lines of dialogue) Alison Dare never pretends to be anything but itself, a farfetched but utterly entertaining romp with over the top villains and equally over the top heroes.

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