Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy News!


I've been sitting on some happy-making news for a couple of days, and now that it's official, I can let it out. I'm a Cybils judge again! I get to judge Round 1 of the YA Science Fiction and Fantasy award! Woohoo!

I'm joining these fine, fine bloggers: 
Sheila Ruth
Wands and Worlds

Tanita Davis
Finding Wonderland

Vivian Lee Mahoney
Vivian Lee Mahoney

Sommer Leigh
Tell Great Stories

Steve Berman
Guys Lit Wire

Hallie Tibbets
Undusty New Books

Okay, enough exclamation points. I am very excited to do this, really, because I always have such fun debating books with other people. It's the English major in me, I guess.

Now I really want to see what you all are going to nominate, starting tomorrow at the Cybils website. Gather up some great books, guys, because I'm ready to read!

(Okay, I was lying. One more exclamation point.)


Jen Robinson said...

Go Maureen! You're going to be great on that panel.

Charlotte said...

Have fun!

Unknown said...

Congrats! That's a panel I'd love to be on; it always sounds like so much fun... :-)