Sunday, January 05, 2003

*happy Snoopy dance* It did, it did!

Thanks for the use of the camera, Andi! That picture down there, btw, was NOT taken by me. I've never even been there . . . yet. But it's a delightful success in the experiment of posting pictures. Golf claps all around.

In other news, I have 22 days until my plane leaves, and things are starting to kick into gear. Have emailed landlady about accomodations, and also have mailed out the paper so they'll meet me at the airport. Phew! On the other hand, I still must buy BritRail pass! Also must convert money . . . and get together all the paperwork that I have to present to customs . . . and back up the entire contents of my computer just in case it gets zapped . . . and visit friends one last time . . . and I suppose I could eke out some time to pack clothing in all of that.

Eating may be possible. Probably not sleeping.

Book for today: Catherine, Called Birdy Karen Cushman. A Newbery Honor book from a few years ago, this is the diary of a fourteen-year-old British girl in 1290 and 1291. This is nobody's fantasy Middle Ages--Catherine writes about hangings, farting, and saint's days in the same entries. She's also absolutely determined not to be sold off to the highest bidder, and she makes sure that the highest bidders won't want her. She is a delight!

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