Friday, March 16, 2007

Er . . . huh?

Not to say I've never known any evil librarians. But a book about a boy battling a cult of evil librarians who restrict information doesn't seem like it's doing the ol' image any favors.

However, I'll keep my peace and see if it rocks. If so, I claim the power of the Evil Shush. Or maybe the Evil Bun. My hair's certainly long enough. I wonder if the Evil Bun could strangle people? That's a power I could use some days.

Thanks to Fuse #8 and Zee Says for the link.


crissachappell said...

I love librarians! Would you be interested in checking out an ARC of my debut YA novel, Total Constant Order? Let me know and I'll mail you a copy.

Brandon Sanderson said...

Heh. You know, some of my best friends are librarians. They're completely evil, of course--but then, so are we authors.

I hope you do end up thinking the book rocks. I tremble to imagine myself facing the power of the Evil Shush. ;)