Monday, March 19, 2007

John Green, M.T. Anderson, and Semi-Rampant Criminality

No review today because I had my own urban adventure, which included a cathedral, a central library, cheap jewelry, lots of walking, hole-in-the-wall cuisine, and being stuck on the train for two extra hours. Four of those things were really fun.

Don't despair, however. Over at Brotherhood 2.0*, John Green has a special guest with him for his bidaily video, and it's none other than M.T. Anderson, the only author I have ever done a doubleheader for besides Lisa Yee. They schlep around Detroit and commit acts of mild illegality, and generally confirm all my impressions of both authors from their books. Check it out!

*What do you mean you're not following it?**



Alex Richards said...

Thanks for cluing me into Brotherhood 2.0--it's wicked!
And i'm intrigued by your urban adventure...

zeelibrarian said...

Don't forget to answer the interview meme. The questions are up on my blog. Hope to hear from you soon!