Sunday, July 01, 2007

Kids' Books and Homosexuality

Heard about the evil gay penguins yet?

This article over at discusses the "gay penguin book," known to sane people as the adorable And Tango Makes Three, along with several other books that push homophobic buttons. Probably my favorite was the story of a Philly mom who flipped out and accused The Trouble with Babies of having a homosexual agenda, because it mentioned a two-father family. That thonking sound was my head hitting my desk. Because God knows, two gay minor characters in a children's book is enough to twist all the children who so much as walk by it.

Arthur A. Levine (yes, that Arthur A. Levine) makes a good point that so many of our kids are going to grow up homosexual, or will love somebody who is homosexual, that we shouldn't wait until they're 14 or 15 to introduce the idea that it's a viable life choice. By that time, their opinions are pretty well set. Get 'em while they're young! Ahahaha!

Ahem. That was me, plotting to teach kids acceptance and tolerance. Truly, I should be burned at the stake.

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