Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Mush and Gush Ahoy!

There's a neat conversation over at the Ya Ya Yas blog about YA romance. I'm all for it! I love romance, I love YA lit, and the combination of the two is maaaaaaaaahv-lus, dahling. But they have a point--where are the YA romances for older teens?

Even better, there's the beginnings of a fair book list in the comments. Wooot! You know I've got my Blue Journal of Things I Gotta Read Before I Die out right now. If you'd like to read a title list, Liz B's got one over at her blog.

I'd say Stephanie Meyers' Twilight and New Moon, but I got seriously annoyed with the Romeo and Juliet vibe in the second one. I have very little patience with doomed lovers. Give me Beatrice and Benedick any day. Speaking of that, anybody know of good YA romances with a dueling lovers theme? Leave it in the comments!

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