Tuesday, March 04, 2008

It's Time for a New Book Award

And that award is . . .

The Gilderoy Lockhart Medal (tin with a thin sheet of goldish metal) for Most Fictionalized Memoir.

Like everyone else on the blogosphere, I am rolling my eyes over the latest faked memoir news. Seems a woman wrote an affecting and deeply moving account of her past life, running drugs in South-Central L.A. Too bad she made it up.

Somebody should tell her about this red-hot new style called fiction. You can make things up and nobody gets mad! In fact, they expect it! Whoaaaaaaa.


Barbara Shoup said...

Excellent idea! And maybe a "twin" award for the best fiction that's actually real:-) Seriously, though...I read that James Frey first tried to sell A MILLION LITTLE PIECES as a novel, but nobody bit--so his agent suggested marketing it as a memoir. The rest is history.

It's an incredibly riveting book, whatever it is. Interesting that our culture is so hungry for the grim details of real people's lives. Do they live vicariously through these melodramas, and/or do these kinds of books make them feel better about their own unsatisfying lives?

Personally, I think lying about your life is an awful thing to do. Still, WHY people do it is certainly something to ponder.

Bluestocking said...

The Gilderoy Lockhart Award. LOL!! That's hysterical. I'm a Harry Potter fan too!

What do you think of this JKR/WB lawsuit?

I hope you can come visit my blog. I review books too!