Saturday, February 03, 2007

Just In Case You Needed Something *Else* to Waste Time On

. . . today we have The Daily Monster.

What this guy does, see, is he takes some ink, blobs it on paper, sprays air at it to make it all pretty and feathery and fanny, and then he makes a monster out of it. On camera. As if that's not enough joy, he then animates the sucker and asks for a story from us, the blogosphere.

It's really neat because clearly he does not start out the project with something in mind--there's no way. So all these monsters are off the cuff. Plus you get to see the creative process, with different kinds of pens and stuff, and even times when he draws some detail, then changes his mind and colors it in again. (Which in the case of Monster #74 and his lovely background of mountains and trees, I thought was a mistake, but then, I'm not holding the pen, AM I?)

This guy so needs his own picture book. It doesn't even have to have words.

Mr. Stefan G. Bucher, you are a sick, sick monkey. And I hope you will take this for the praise it is, from a person who shocked her entire library by begging them buy a copy of The Book of Bunny Suicides. They think I'm a sweet little children's librarian . . . boy are they wrong.


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