Monday, February 05, 2007

Maybe This Year I'll Get Some

I haven't gotten a valentine since elementary school (and even then, it was those cheesy ones with, like, Michael Jordan on them. Bleah. Although I was quite touched by the Daffy Duck ones. I really felt some thought went into that choice).

Anyway, this year, I wanna get some valentines, and off to the side is your chance to fulfill my dream. Just click the "send a valentine" button and follow the directions. You don't even have to be a member of Wishroll. And you don't have to attach a Hershey's Chocolate Kiss to the envelope either.

Not that I'd turn it down, of course.

ETA: so, what does this have to do with children's or YA literature?

Uh . . .

Give me a moment. I'm thinking.

E again TA: I actually forgot about the people who read this in syndication. I'm sorry! I'm sorry!!! Click here if you still love me.

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