Monday, February 05, 2007

Sex Kittens and Horn Dawgs Fall in Love

Book: Sex Kittens and Horn Dawgs Fall in Love
Author: Maryrose Wood
Published: 2006

Girl loves boy. Boy is baffled by girl's affection. Girl and boy . . . create a science project?

This is love in New York City. At least if you happen to be Felicia, who loves Matthew, who is a scientist creating genius bunnies. The way to his heart, she reasons, is through science. So she comes up with the perfect recipe for love . . . the ultimate science project. The question of the ages. What is love?

For that, they need a hypothesis, experiments, observations, data of all kinds. So Matthew and Felicia set out to get them. Along the way, they and the minor solar system of friends that orbit them hear some great love stories and muddle through a few of their own. What exactly is love? What makes some people attracted to some other people, who are almost always attracted to some other other people? Why is it different for everybody? And why does it have to be so confusing??

In spite of its provocative title, this book is about as racy as The Princess Diaries. (Sorry, Meg, if you're actually reading my little blog! I know you're trying your darnedest to get banned and all, but face it, PD1 is never gonna be a match for, like, Lady Chatterly's Lover.) It is, however, funny, warm, and sensitive to the turbulent ups and downs of first loves, and second and third, and what happens in the times both in between and overlapping. Science may never solve this question, but that doesn't mean the answer isn't out there.

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