Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hey, I'm a Knight's Fangirl!

Anybody got a hanky? I have to wave it out a castle window.

Silliness aside (is it ever on this blog?), Terry Pratchett got made a knight on New Year's Day. Check out the article, which includes an interview in which Sir Terry is asked the question whether the knighthood is due to his work in raising money for Alzheimer's (which he is in the early stages of). He basically answers, "Well, I have written a couple of good books that people kinda liked, so . . . y'know . . . maybe it's for that? Rather than having a disease?"

Such restraint, good sir. Thanks to Cheryl Rainfield's blog for the link.

Oo, and here's another vid from Fuse #8--clearly the same interview but different clips.

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