Sunday, January 02, 2011

The Cybils Shortlists Are Out!

Woohoo! Click on over and see the Cybils shortlists, and start placing your bets on the winners now.

It's another great set, with a mix of famous and unknowns. Generally, I have the books on my list but haven't gotten to them yet. That's not a surprise, because I'm almost always way behind in my reading. There are one or two on each list that are totally new to me - woohoo! There are at least a few that I've seen around the blogs and decided not to read, but this nomination might change my mind. Maybe.

What's your Cybils score?


Melissa said...

Middle Grade: all (I was on the panel). Everything else: none. *sigh*

Bibliovore said...

Hee! Don't feel bad, you'll get to them. Thanks for all your hard work on the panel!