Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Book Review: Tiger Can't Sleep by S.J. Fore

Book: Tiger Can't Sleep
Author: S.J. Fore
Published: 2006

. . . and neither can the little boy whose closet Tiger is hiding in. Every time he starts to drift off, he hears another noise . . . the bonk-bonk of a bouncing ball, the crunch-crunch of potato chips, even the tap-tap, oompah, boom-boom-crash of a one-tiger band. Will Tiger--and more importantly, the little boy--ever get to sleep?

I love to use this at music or bedtime storytimes. It's always a hit for two reasons. Kids identify with the mischievous tiger, who is always surprised and contrite at the amount of noise he’s making. They also get to take a parent’s part through the little boy with such lines as “TIGER! That does it! Don’t make me come back over there!” Any parent--and any kid--knows what it will finally take to get the tiger to sleep.

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