Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mo Willems on Reading With Your Kids . . .

. . . like that guy knows anything about it.

Susan over at Wizard's Wireless caught this article by Mo "Don't Let the Knuffle Monster Have a Hot Dog" Willems. In it, he suggests a few simple ways to turn your kids on to reading. I like the insto-book report idea he throws out (although I can see it being abused by overenthusiastic parents). Still, here's a valid point about its benefit for the parent:
Often the book my kid has chosen to read is more exciting than mine, particularly if mine is another one of those reports by the Institute, laboriously pointing to reams of statistics about kids who (just like me when I was young) don't like reading. They call these children "Reluctant Readers." (Back when I was a kid, they were called "boys.")

I'm doing parenting workshops at my library right now, and this is totally getting printed out and forced upon my hapless victims--uh, I mean, parents.


Wizards Wireless said...

Mo "Don't Let the Knuffle Monster Have a Hot Dog" Willems. That's hysterical. Thanks for giving me my laugh of the day.

I'm glad you saw the article, isn't it funny?

max said...

It's true, I grew up hating to read. Now I write action-adventures & mysteries especially for boys 8 - 13, who also may not like to read.

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