Monday, October 08, 2007

Mitali Perkins and Sparrowblog

Okay, I promise I'll write up an account of Kidlitosphere 07. In fact, I have the beginnings of my thoughts organized on my computer. (Yes, but that doesn't do us any good, you say. Tough cookies.)

I ran across something on the Child_Lit listserv that intrigued me because I recently finished Mitali Perkins' First Daughter: Extreme American Makeover. (Good book, by the way.) In it, Sameera/Sparrow's blog is very important to her retaining her voice and sanity amidst the madness of a presidential campaign.

Well, this being an election year (Yeah! I know! I was surprised too!), Mitali Perkins has set up a blog where "Sparrow" comments on the ongoing campaign and the children of the frontrunners. Definitely interesting to check out if you liked the book or are into politics.

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