Saturday, June 09, 2012

48-HBC Book Three: Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George

Time: 1:30:59
Source: Local Library

Continuing on with my retold-fairy-tales theme from A Tale Dark & Grimm, I picked up this one, which I've been waiting to read for awhile.

Capsule Review: "This is a book that so easily could have had the wrong heroine. I spent a great deal of it going, 'Oh for Crissakes, Eleanora, grow up.' Though she is the Cinderella in this story, she's also whiny, self-pitying, and tends to depend on others to rescue her. It's our good luck that our heroine is Poppy, who is practical, capable, and brave."

I'm going to take a short knitting break (there was knitting all over this story!) and listen to some of my audiobook before picking up my next print book.

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Ms. Yingling said...

This was my suspicion about this book, so thanks for the review. Mandy Hubbard's Ripple was weirdly and wildly popular in my library after a language arts teacher book talked it, but I've read a fair number of mermaid books in the last six months and am getting a little weary of them!

You've done a great job on the challenge! Good luck with the rest of your time!