Sunday, June 10, 2012

48HBC Book Six: Froi of the Exiles by Melina Marchetta

Time: 4:26:09
Source: Local Library

Wow. I saved this one for this morning, when I had a little more energy. Smart move. Compared with some of the others on my stack, this was a marathon all by itself.

Capsule Review: "This was a behemoth of a book, weighing in at nearly 600 pages, and not light ones either. It's a complex tapestry of a novel, with multiple plotlines, secrets, and schemes to follow. I stuck with it for the characters. Froi, impulsive, hot-tempered, and unexpectedly sweet. Quintana, both damaged and powerful in ways that keep being discovered."

I'm definitely going for a very quick and easy read next.

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Trisha said...

You're brave. I've found that I do better with lighter (or at least not heavy, not dense) reads during the 48HBC. I learned my lesson a couple of years ago when I read Nothing on day one. I still think it's a brilliant book, but, man, it took me a while to recover to the point where I could get into my next book.