Saturday, June 09, 2012

48HBC Book Two: A Tale Dark & Grimm by Adam Gidwitz

Time: 0:46:22
Source: Local Library

I needed something fast and entertaining and totally different, so I picked up this book, which is pretty famous for its gore content. It fit the bill.

Capsule Review: "In this sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes scary, often gruesome, and always marvellously entertaining book, Gidwitz has stitched together some of the Brothers Grimm's most bloody tales. . . . I think kids will eat up this fast, gruesome ride, and come out of it with a new desire for the fairy tales that they've always encountered in their sanitized versions before."


Melissa said...

I adored this one. Have yet to be able to sell it to anyone, though, which makes me sad.

Debz said...

Love this book! It's a quick, fun read--perfect for a read-a-thon!

Bibliovore said...

Melissa - really? Even if you read the gory bits? I'm already planning to do a fairy-tales display at work just to feature this book.

Debz - Agreed!

Katya said...

This book was such a hit at the school library that it was out constantly. As soon as one kid would return it, another would take it out. It's high on my TBR pile.

Misti said...

More love here for A Tale Dark and Grimm. I liked it almost as much as I liked Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu.