Saturday, August 31, 2002

Just a quick entry to tell everyone that nothing's happened just yet. The actual deadline is two weeks from yesterday, and they haven't even looked at the applications yet. When I went into the office to ask if they had my app yet (they should; I turned it in last April) the receptionist had no idea. She told me that if I hadn't heard anything within a month of the deadline, to come back. This is highly encouraging.

In other news, my roommate and I are having a M*A*S*H-a-thon over the holiday weekend. We're almost through the second season. Over and out.

Books for today: A Ring of Endless Light by Madeleine L'Engle. Highly recommended. Don't watch the Disney movie--they slaughtered it.

Saturday, August 24, 2002

Ok, I'll be really upfront and admit that I'm not in London yet. I'm not even accepted to the exchange program through my university yet. Which means I'll look pretty damn silly if I get rejected. On the other hand, all you readers (ha, yes, all three of you; hi Mom) will get to follow me through the whole mess of getting there, and then when I am there, your faith will be rewarded. Probably.

A little information about me (but not too much; this is after all a public weblog). I am a senior at a public Michigan university (you have about fifteen to pick from, folks--bet you never knew that) majoring in English and hoping to be a published author sometime in my future. My semester in London will hopefully be my very last of my undergraduate education. My minor is Classics, but I'll have that done before I go across the big blue pond. I'd love to take Classics courses in London, but they confine you to your major only. Pooey. I love Classics. Ask me anything about the Roman Empire. Go on. I dare you.


I'm a complete and utter Anglophile, which is why this opportunity to go to London so thrills me. My favorite novelists are Jane Austen, Terry Pratchett, and J.K. Rowling, I love Shakespeare, Monty Python and most British comedies . . . shall I go on? I can even do a fair-to-middling British accent, although I'm sure actual Brits would throw scones at my head and dunk me in the Channel if I even tried. Something about a country that has barns older than the country I was born in just attracts me. What can I say? I already have a long list of places to visit and Internet buddies to see while I'm over there. I'm assuming a lot, aren't I?

The new semester at my American school starts on Monday. I have the incredible good luck to have no Friday classes, and I wangled it so I don't work that day either. Isn't that incredible? I'm looking forward to this semester, believe me. But I'm looking forward to the next one too.

I have a small, rather uninteresting life--I write and I read and I attend class. I'm hoping it will shortly get a little bigger, but until then, you'll have to deal with small, rather uninteresting posts.

Until next time!

Books for today: Frederica by Georgette Heyer