Thursday, January 30, 2003

Hello, all you faithful readers! Yes, all five of you . . . My plane ride was accomplished with a decided lack of hijackers, and I got to London and more importantly, through customs, in one piece. WOOHOO! My landlady is quite nice, even if my room is about big enough for me and two very close friends to stand up in. You might be able to shoehorn one more person in there, but then it gets kinky. However, I don't care, because one, I am in LONDON!! and two, even better, my landlady has cable internet which I am allowed to use when the computer is free! Yahoo! I'd pay £75 a week just for that, and sleep in the cupboard under the stairs like Harry.

Speaking of that, I was quite bad yesterday and spent £23 on books--already! I may have to watch my spending. This could get extravagant. And heavy. I had to cart those books around all through the rest of orientation, which was no picnic I assure you.

Nothing particularly special on the agenda today, except to go back to Kingston town center (centre) and walk around, investigating all the neat little shops that they hurried us past yesterday, intent on getting us orientated by hook or by crook. I also have to buy groceries and other necessaries, since I only brought travel sizes with me.

I have pictures, but I don't have my own computer up and running yet (still have to get a plug adapter, and I'm going into withdrawal). Anyway, as soon as that happens, I'll get y'all a picture of my room. I lucked out doubly--they have all their books in there. Bwaha.

Book for today: Princess in Love by Meg Cabot. This is one of the ones I picked up yesterday. In Britain, the title is Third Time Lucky. I've read the first two, which are a real hoot, and this one was just as much fun. After finally getting a boyfriend, Mia realizes in about a nanosecond that it's not the right one. Most people would just dump him and move on, but Mia is . . . well . . . Mia, which means that her life is more complicated and angstified and a hell of a lot funnier than that of the entire cast of "Days of Our Lives".

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