Saturday, June 04, 2005

This post has very little to do with books either. Well . . . peripherally. (And now I'm looking at that wondering if it's spelt right.)

This is an idea I got from Beth's blog, to list your various links and why you linked them. Considering how new my links are, and how dreadfully random they are, as a group, I thought it would be a good thing to do.

My website - Like it says, shameless pimping. I just want more traffic. It's my webspace for the many fandoms for which I write fanfiction. Want to know which ones? Guess you'll just have to visit. See that there? That was sneaky, wasn't it?

The Feel-Good Librarian - As many of you may (or may not) know, I'm studying to be one of these. A librarian, that is. And this is the blog of a public librarian who loves to share stories of the reference desk. Some of them are hilarious, some are brain-boggling, and some are touching, but all are worth reading.

Three Beautiful Things - This blogger has taken it upon herself to note three things each day that give her pleasure, and to share them with the world, or at least that portion of it that visits her blog. Which you should do.

The Vampire Librarian - The blog of an academic librarian who works the graveyard shift at a big university, and consequently gets all the . . . errrr . . . interesting people.

The Laughing Librarian - Again with the librarian blogs. What can I say? I'm single-minded. Just library humor to give you a giggle.

Fetu's Lantern - My pal Andi's brand-new blog, in which she writes about writing. And Phantom of the Opera. But more about writing.

Sum of Me - Beth's blog about . . . stuff. Beth stuff. Another writing pal.

Romancing the Blog - A blog all about writing and reading within the romance genre. - A site that spotlights some of the best stuff around for teens these days. And there's a lot of good stuff. Bear in mind, folks, that you do not need to be currently undergoing puberty to enjoy YA fiction. You just need to remember it, even a little.

So now that you've seen what I like, do you all out there in blogland have any suggestions for me? I welcome them. The comments section works and everything.

Yes, that was shameless pimping again.


Vampire Librarian said...

I'm always so touched when someone links to me. Thank you.

Unfortunately, for the summer, I am not working the wee hours but strictly day, which means I don't have as much face time at the desk, and there aren't as many students to razz.

And co-workers have discovered my blog so I can snark on them either. Sigh.

Vampire Librarian said...

And um, the link to my blog is jumbled with another it seems...

(I can't believe I admitted to clicking on a link to my own blog.)

Vampire Librarian said...

Three Beautiful Things' link appears jumbled as well.

Really like your post though. Hope you don't mind my comments.

Bibliovore said...

Thanks for the corrections! Silly me, I messed up the HTML. (This is what comes of arrogance.) Links are fixed now, for anyone who wanted to see the Vampire Librarian and the 3BT site and couldn't because I'm a goober.