Friday, June 16, 2006

Holy Schnikes

Mother Reader has not only pledged to blog all she reads for the next 48 hrs, she's sucked others in with her. Dear god, will the world never be safe from voracious readers of children's lit who then blog to share the goodness with others? I hope not.

(But Bibliovore, why aren't you doing this?)

(I like sleep.)




MotherReader said...

Come on, you know you want to play. You don't have to give up all sleep, just a little bit. There's still time to join us. Joooiiin uuussss (that part should be read in a spooky voice).

Anonymous said...

Maybe you'll be up for it next year!

Anonymous said...

This may not interst anyone but I am trying to get feedback on a series of chidlren's tales. Any feedback at all would be great!!!

A series of ideal reading length adventures each with its own moral to engender empowerment on the part of the child.

Baby Bear Learns to Fly

Baby Bear woke up and ran to the window. The sun was out and it was warm enough to wear his yellow shorts and blue T-shirt. He quickly put on his new white sneakers and went down the stairs to surprise his Mother. His Mommy was busy making breakfast and did not even look up before she said “Good Morning, Baby Bear.” Baby Bear had been sure he was going to finally sneak up on her, but he was the one that got a shock. Instead of his usual breakfast, his plate was piled high with strawberries and cream. Baby Bear ate quickly, and explained he had to rush off or he would be late for school. His Mother was confused for a moment and then she yelled “Baby Bear there is no school for two more months.” But baby Bear was already halfway down the garden path and he jumped over the garden gate anxious to meet up with all of his friends and begin to learn as much as he could.

Mr. And Mrs. Owl had set up their classroom near the river and the first students began to arrive. Baby Bear found a nice patch of grass and sat down waiting for school to begin. Mr. Owl came over and said “Good Morning, Baby Bear can I help you?” “I am here for school Mr. Owl, when does it start?” Mr. Owl looked puzzled for a moment then he put his wing around Baby Bear and explained “Baby Bear I like the fact that you want to attend our school but this is for Owl’s only. The Bear school will open in a couple of months.” Baby Bear looked sad and Mr. Owl did not want to upset Baby Bear so he said “Why don’t you come over to my house after school and I will give you some help with your letters and your numbers.” Baby Bear thanked Mr. Owl and went home. As Baby Bear opened the door, his Mommy saw that something was wrong. Baby Bear explained why Mr. Owl would not let him go to the Owl school. Baby Bear’s Mommy listened then she took Baby Bears hand and marched down to the school. When they arrived she took Mr. Owl aside and said “Why can’t Baby Bear be part of your school, it is not right to include only the Owls, everyone should be able to learn.” “Mrs. Bear our school is for Owls, there are certain things that Baby Bear won’t be able to learn.” “Such as…” asked Mrs. Bear “Well for one, Bear’s can’t fly” Mrs. Bear seemed at a loss for words but only for a moment. Then she and Mr. Owl huddled together for a long time and then Mr. Owl cleared his throat and said in a very official voice “Baby Bear it is our pleasure to welcome you to the Owl School. Everyone is welcome here. I am sure being a Bear that you will be able to teach the little Owl’s even things that I don’t know about. We can all learn from each other and being different allows us to learn even more.”

Baby Bear was thrilled, he jumped up and down and his Mommy stayed to make sure he was okay. After some letters and some numbers, they all sang a song. Then standing up very straight and puffing out his chest Mr. Owl ceremoniously announced that the next activity would be “The first flying lesson.” Baby Bear’s heart sank he had been working very hard all morning to keep up with the other Owls because they were all very good at letters and counting, but how was he ever going to be able to fly? Mr. Owl explained that “the first step is to run as fast as you can along the path that I have marked out. As you can see it rises then there is a sharp fall off at the embankment. Once you reach the edge simply jump as high as you can and begin flapping your wings.” The first owl ran warily down the path and at the end of the embankment hesitated, flapped his wings once or twice and rolled down the side. Next, it was Baby Bear’s turn. He took a big breath and started running as fast as his little legs would go. He jumped off the very edge of the embankment and waved his paws as quickly as possible. Just for a moment Baby Bear was flying, he could look down and see the ground below him and the air was rushing through his fur. For a brief second Baby Bear knew what it was like to be an Owl and it felt wonderful. Then Baby Bear hit the ground and rolled to a stop just before the river. Mrs. Bear looked at Baby Bear’s happy face as all the little Owl’s clapped and knew she had done the right thing. Baby Bear may not be able to fly but he had certainly taught the little owls if you try hard enough you can do almost anything.

Baby Bear was very tired at the end of his first day of school and was barely able to walk up the hill back to his house. When he opened the door his Mommy asked him how school was and Baby Bear said “It was so much fun and I learned a lot, even Mr. Owl told me at the end of the day that he had learned a lot too, I guess that is what school is all about.” And, with that Baby Bear dragged himself up the stairs and off to bed.

Scott McCready
118 West Bare Hill Road
Harvard, MA 01451