Sunday, March 23, 2008

I Can Haz Wardrobe?

Sarah Beth Durst, of Into the Wild fame, is running a contest on her website to promote the publication of an upcoming essay collection about The Chronicles of Narnia called Through the Wardrobe.

The book sounds very cool, and the contest even better. You've heard of LOLCats, right? (Just nod. It'll make it easier on you. Now go Google it.) Anyway, we have to make up some LOLAslans for the delight and edification of Sarah Beth and all her readers. Winners get a copy of Through the Wardrobe. It only runs through March 30th, so brush up on your LOLspeak and find a good picture to caption.

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Lisa C. said...

Oh lordy... Just yesterday I was talking about the lolcats phenomenon with a friend. My end of the conversation went a lot like this: "WHY??? I don't get it!!! WHY is this funny???" Maybe it's because I'm not a cat person?

That being said, I think this contest is probably about the best possible thing inspired by lolcats. (A dubious honor, but hey.)