Sunday, June 06, 2010

48-Hour Book Challenge Finish Line!

Time Stats

Total reading time: 16 hours, 7 minutes
Total blogging time (including this post): 5 hours, 38 minutes
Total networking time: 2 hours, 50 minutes

For a total time of: 24 hours, 35 minutes

Some other statistics

Books finished: 13 (including one audiobook which was partially done at the beginning)
Books given up on: 1

My experience
I had a harder time this year than last (or I forgot how hard it was). I think this was due to a few different factors. One, last year I read all books that I was insanely excited to read, which really helped with my energy level. This year, I had a good smattering of books that I was excited to read, but about half of them were obligations.

They also tended to be shorter, so I didn't get the momentum that I did last year. Only one paper book took me more than two hours, and there were a number that took less than an hour. You'd think that would make it easier, but it was actually harder. How weird. I had the same number of books this year as last, but a much lower time spent reading.

I also exercised both days, which was good to get out of the house and moving, but it tired me out so that I didn't have the stamina to stay up late and read. Of course, I prize my sleep, so I was never going to be one of the 48-hour readers.

Still, I had fun. I always do. There's something about doing this and communicating with a whole group of people who are also doing it at the same time that's just exhilarating. I noticed there were more adult-book bloggers this year, so it was neat to visit their blogs and see what they were up to. And the tweets flew thick and fast!

I'll wait to make my final donation count until Monday evening. Thanks for another great year, Pam, and congrats to everyone who entered this marathon!


Mystee said...

Sounds like you had fun :)...I really enjoyed doing it and can't wait till next year.Congrats on your 16+ hours.

Jodie said...

You did so well! The mind boggles at how many books you finished in 16 hours.

MotherReader said...

You're welcome! Thanks for playing!

Abby said...

You did an awesome job, dear! And I completely agree that it's way easier when you're reading books you're super excited about!

LiteracyDocent said...

Congratulations on finishing the Challenge! Job well done! And thanks for stopping by my blog...I will be posting some reviews once school gets out...the last week is like a marathon!

Trisha said...

Way to go! Did you finish the stack of Books You Told Someone You'd Read?