Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Glee: 90-Second Newbery

Somehow it doesn't surprise me that James Kennedy, who wrote the weirdfest book The Order of Odd-Fish, is behind this dastardly plan to host a contest asking fans to create a video compressing the plot of a Newbery Award winning book into 90 seconds.

"A Wrinkle In Time" In 90 Seconds from James Kennedy on Vimeo.

Of course, so is Betsy Bird. Doubly not-surprised.

I bet you want more details, don't you? Greedy. Oh very well - go to James Kennedy's website for those.

P.S. Anybody think that the video of Criss Cross is just gonna be a girl sighing and saying, "I wish something would happen" about sixteen times?


James Kennedy said...

Thanks for featuring the "90 Second Newbery" contest on your blog! Do you think you might put together a submission?

By the way, did you read "The Order of Odd-Fish"? You claim it's a "weirdfest," so I'm guessing you have.

Bibliovore said...

Thanks for stopping by, James! I wasn't planning to put together a submission - not that talented! But I am looking forward to seeing what other people come up with.

I did read The Order of Odd-Fish and enjoyed it quite a bit.