Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Reading Roundup: January 2012

By the Numbers
Teen: 19
Tween: 9
Children: 7

Review Copies: 11
Swapped: 1
Purchased: 5
Library: 16

Teen: Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta
I realize I'm a few years late on this one. You know how everybody raaaaves about a book and then you get all contrary and go, "Nah, can't possibly be that good?" And you just give in and read it and then it is? Oh, just me, then. Anyway, if you haven't read this book about the past and the present and family and secrets and the love that gets passed down across generations even though you don't really know where it all came from . . . well, you should. 'Kay? Mkay.
Tween: The Brilliant Fall of Gianna Z by Kate Messner
This story of a girl undergoing massive life changes as the seasons change around her is poignant and sweet and immediately recognizable to anybody who's ever lived through the tween years.
Children: The Case of the Vanishing Frogs: A Scientific Mystery by Sandra Markle
Just why are the golden frogs of Panama disappearing? Come along and find out why, and what scientists are doing to save them. Just right for mystery lovers, animal lovers, and anybody who loves magnificent pictures.

Because I Want To Awards
Most Hmmm-Worthy: Grave Mercy by R.L. LaFevers
There's a lot that sets this book about an nun/assassin in 15th century Brittany apart. Generally in a good way, but mostly in a Hmmm way. I want to muse on it sometime soon.
Most Stomach-Turning: Slice of Cherry by Dia Reeves
It's about the two daughters of a serial killer, who seem to be taking after dear old Dad. Yikes. But more than that, it's about two sisters, struggling with the change in themselves and in their relationship. While they, y'know, kill people. A lot.
Sequel Most Desired: Powerless by Matthew Cody
Holy potential, Batman! While this story of a town protected by preteen superheroes, and the one ordinary kid who's in on the secret, was tied up all right and tight (no cliffhangers here!), there were some threads that could be woven into a killer sequel. Please? Pleaseplease?
Just What I Wanted: Ottoline Goes to School by Chris Riddell
I've been thoroughly charmed by Ottoline and her faithful Mr. Munroe (not a dog) since the first book. This entry into the series was exactly the mixture of quirky and sweet that I expected and wanted.

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Trisha said...

No, no, I get contrary like that, too. Last time it happened to me: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I was very skeptical, then ended up loving it. Anyway, hearing/reading people rave about Jellicoe never gets old.