Friday, June 19, 2015

48-HBC: It Begins

This weekend is the 48 hour Book Challenge, hosted by MotherReader. I'm so in, you guys!

As in years past, I'll write up a review of each book, but not post the whole thing this weekend, just a snippet. I'll space my reviews out on my regular Saturday schedule. (One of the reasons I love doing this is because it gives me content all summer and sometimes into the fall, depending on how much I read. It also flexes my reviewing muscles and I find myself reviewing more afterward.)

I'm not reading on any particular theme this year, just whatever looks good to me. My audiobook will be an old favorite, Beauty by Robin McKinley.

My starting time was 1:00 pm on Friday, which means my 48 hours will be up on Sunday at 1:00. Although I have to work Friday afternoon, I also have to work Sunday afternoon, so between the two I picked the earlier.

Cheer me on (as well as all the other readers) via Twitter (#48HBC) or by visiting our blogs. Want to join in or see who else is doing this crazy thing? Go to the starting lineup post over at MotherReader. It lasts until Sunday night.


Sondy said...

Hi! This is me cheering you on! I'm actually at work right now, so not able to read, but in between customers while on the desk, I can do a little visiting fellow Challenge buddies. Looks like you're off to a good start!

Melissa Fox said...

You've been rocking the challenge (yes, I went through and read all the posts...)! Quick question: is the audio of Beauty any good?

Bibliovore said...

Melissa - the version I have is from Wyatt Audio, (what was available as a download from the library) and it's not the best. The reader's accents are a little weird and she's mispronouncing a few words that make me a little crazy. But the story itself is still good.