Friday, October 04, 2002

Hey, I inspired someone! What a great feeling.

So here's the story. I was talking to a classmate and mentioned this England trip. She said, "Wow, I'd love to do that, but I'm married and I have a job and it would just be too hard to do it for so long."

I replied, "Well, ya know, there's little summer sessions for a few weeks here and there . . . you don't have to do the whole year or even the whole semester." (Most colleges have short winter break or summer international studies, in addition to whole-year and full-semester programs. Just something to think about.)

She said, "Hmm, okay."

Well, she came up to me yesterday and said, "Mo, you inspired me! I'm goin' to Italy for five weeks this summer!" Woohooo! Lucky dawg, she's going to Rome.

Wow, I have a major case of the warm fuzzies now. I feel so good! Although that could be the DayQuil. I've had a putrid cold for the last few days.

Book for today: Summer Knight by Jim Butcher. This is Book Four of the Dresden Files, which are about the only wizard in the Chicago phone book. I'm in awe of Jim Butcher. He's just way too cool. The story is constructed with an eye toward pagan traditions, mythology, and other sorts of really neat and interesting stuff, and at the same time, there's a goofy irreverence about the main character that I have to just LOVE. Give it a try.

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