Thursday, September 19, 2002

Again, not much news (are you seeing a pattern here?) I have an orientation meeting, but it's not until November. Hello??? Don't understand the logic here, I really don't. I'm going to just email the director and ask her about registering for classes, because I want to get it ironed out before I get on the plane.

Also, at Meijer tonight, I found this incredibly cool pair of pajamas. The top is a tank top with the Union Jack on it, and the bottoms have little stars, little Union Jacks, and the Queen's head on them. And--how neat is this? They were on clearance for 75% off! I was with my friend Beth, who interned in London over the summer, and I screamed, "MINE!" the minute I saw 'em. Muahahahhaha. She looked all over for another pair, but mine was the only one. Double muahahahhahaha.

Book for today: Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. Not reading this right at the moment, but I got to talking about it with my roommate, and remembered how wonderful it was. Go read it.

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