Monday, December 23, 2002

I got all my information today about where I’d be staying in London. I’m excited now . . . it’s all starting to feel real! It’s a little more expensive than I thought it’d be, but it sounds pretty close to the university, so that’s probably why. I’m not looking forward to the initial jet-lag, however, I will tell you that!

I have oodles and scads of paperwork to send out over the big blue pond, including one so they’ll meet me at the airport. The thought of me lost in London is just . . . scary. London might never recover.

I also got my lists of classes . . . v. odd, they only meet for one or two hours a week, and yet they’re worth 4 credit hours. Wow. Funky. Maybe you have to do a lot of stuff outside of class . . . yeeps . . . wouldn’t want that, would we??

In other news, it’s as near to Christmas as makes no difference. Whichever holiday you celebrate (and there are a lot out there), have a happy one, and try not to kill your families! Keep telling yourself, “Wait ‘til next Christmas . . . hahahahaha . . .”

Book for today: Spindle’s End by Robin McKinley. This is a re-working of the Sleeping Beauty story, with the most unlikely princess you ever met in your life. Of course, just about anything by Robin McKinley is great stuff . . . she’s written at least two versions of Beauty and the Beast, and her other books are award-winners. Highly recommended.

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