Sunday, December 15, 2002

Well, I’m all done with my last classes at my American university. Exams are all written, for better or for worse (I have the sneaking suspicion that, given my general attitude of “oh, whatever” for the last couple of weeks of the term, it’ll be “for worse”) and grades will be coming in a couple of weeks. Whimper.

I’ve also packed myself up and moved back home on Saturday. Sigh. I’m really going to miss my apartment--in addition to great roommates (and you know who you are), independence, and constant internet access, it had the added advantage of distance . . . from my mother. *snicker* Kidding, mostly.

So anyway . . . now I have about six weeks to hang around at home until I leave for London at the end of January. In that time, I need to get my greedy little hands on some money, not only for Christmas shopping, but also for living on in London, which is apparently rather expensive . . . Anyone know of a job that’ll earn me mucho moola and allow me to sit around and read or write all the livelong day?


I didn’t think so.

Book for today: The Thief by Meghan Whalen Turner. This is a Newbery Honor book from about five years ago, meaning don’t look for it in adult fantasy. Maybe young adult. Anyway, it’s set in a quasi-ancient-Greece fantasy world, which was why I first picked it up. But don’t read it for that--read it for the main character, Gen the thief, who is the kind of kid that everyone wants to slap upside the head, but yet manages to make you root for him. What a trick! And it’s not the only one he pulls off . . . watch out for the ending. Bwaha.

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