Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Unfunny YA? Egad!

Stumbled across a link to this blog post by Greg Leitich Smith, about the dearth of funny books in YA. While his survey isn't the most scientific one ever created, in general I have to agree with him. I find my funny YA mostly by luck, and knowing the authors. Of course, some of the best books don't sound that funny from the jacket copy, or even the title (The Murder of Bindy Mackenzie, anyone?)

What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Just want a ham sandwich?

Thanks to Fuse #8 for the link.

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Jackie Parker said...

Wow. I disagree. What about David Lubar, Jordan Sonnenblick, Daniel Ehrenhaft, Gordon Korman, Richard Peck? What about Meg Cabot for pete's sake? Janet Tashjian? Maybe there aren't as many books that are straight out humor-is-the-only-point, but that doesn't mean they aren't funny. Abundance of Katherines had me laughing so hard I hurt myself, but I wouldn't necessarily classify it as humor. But then, I've not actually read GLC's article yet, so I'm just reacting... forgive me.