Friday, August 24, 2007

This Calls for a Happy Dance

. . . no pun intended, I swear.

The BBC is making a movie of the classic Noel Streatfield book, Ballet Shoes! Yay! Don't you remember gulping those suckers down like popcorn when you were like, nine or ten? I remember one in particular, (not Ballet Shoes however) where the protagonist got extremely full of herself and went around acting like a proper bee-yotch. I was scandalized and delighted. Didn't they know the main character was supposed to be the good girl? Well, I certainly wasn't going to mention it!

Looking back, this may explain a lot of things about me.

More fun: Emma Watson, of Hermione Granger fame, is going to play the oldest girl. Here's her website, but take a moment to find the little (teeny, tiny) speaker hidden in all the curlicues on the left-hand side. After five minutes trying to navigate it with the sound turned on, I wanted to shoot myself in both ears.

Thanks to Bookshelves of Doom for the heads-up.

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