Sunday, August 26, 2007

Robin McKinley New Book!

Why, why, why didn't I hear about this before? Robin McKinley is coming out with a new book! I prostrate myself before the altar of R. McK and I can't believe I'm just hearing about it right now. I guess when it comes to Robin, you take what you can get and just hope that the next one comes out before you have grandchildren.

Anyway, super-quick synopsis . . . Dragons exist. They're a protected species, the center of a firestorm (HA!) of controversy. On one hand, they're endangered and nobody's proved they ever ate a human. On the other hand, they're freakin' eighty feet long and breathe fire. One day, a hiker discovers a dying dragon and a dead poacher . . . and a surviving baby dragon. What he decides to do about it . . . well, that's Dragonhaven.

Can't wait! September 20!

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