Friday, October 19, 2007

Books are Healthy!

I ran across an article in Madison, WI's Capital Times about a pediatrician/librarian (yes, you read that right) who stresses literacy in checkups as much as physical indicators of child health.

Key quote:
If the patient shows interest and curiosity, he can tell if books are a natural part of their life. At a certain age, if the child holds the book right-side up, opens it and turns the pages, the doctor gets a quick read on motor skills.

And if children begin talking about what they see in the book, Navsaria can see if they are building social skills.

"This is part of the tools we use to assess children's health."

The article goes on to talk about his efforts to encourage literacy in hospitals and among the parents of his patients.

I love it! Can we get this to spread, please?

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