Thursday, January 01, 2009

Reading Roundup December 2008

This month was rather disrupted by my moving to another state right in the middle, meaning I didn't have quite as much time for reading as usual. But I squeezed it in.

By the Numbers
Teen: 12
Tween: 6
Children: 11

Teen: Wish You Were Here by Barbara Shoup
Tween: Mothstorm by Phillip Reeve
Children: At the Firefly Gate by Linda Newbery

Because I Want To Awards
Saddest: September Roses by Jeannette Winter
Punniest: The Case of the Fiendish Flapjack Flap by Nate Evans

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Jen Robinson said...

Hope you're all settled now, Maureen, and that it will be a good change for you. Happy New Year!