Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Cassandra Clare on the End of Mortal Instruments

Good ol' PW. You can count on them for interviews. This one's an author interview with Cassandra Clare. She talks about favorite characters (not allowed; it would be like having a favorite kid), her writing plans for the future (a prequel series) and what it feels like to finish a series like this.
You work so hard for so long and are so involved in the world you’ve created that when it is all over, at first you think, This is so great! I’m done! I never have to look at this again! Then, once it’s all bundled off, you get all sad and nostalgic because you realize that it’s really over.
For my own reasons, I didn't expect to like City of Bones when I picked it up. But a few pages in--it may have even been the first one--I went "Yowza!" and got sucked under. Now, like any good fangirl, I'm slavering for the rest. I'm on the wait list at the library for Book Two (City of Ashes) and bugging our central purchasing department to just buy Book Three (City of Glass) already. Boy, do they hate me.

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