Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kidliterate is Awesome

Do you doubt me? Then read this post: An Open Letter to . . . People and prepare to have your doubts smithereened.

This has been bugging me lately--not the feeling that I should be reading "grownup" books, but the reactions of others seeing that I love reading kids' books. From the standup comic who sneered at his dates reading Harry Potter, to the co-worker who told me (jokingly, but he said it all the same) "Grow up!" I'm getting just a little sick of people thinking I am less of a book lover if the books I love are intended for a group that can't pour themselves a glass of wine while they read.

The first step is letting people know you aren't ashamed--then maybe they'll start wondering why they think you should be.

Thanks for the rant, Melissa. It was just what I needed to hear.


Jen Robinson said...

I liked Melissa's rant a lot, too.

ladydisdain said...

Thanks! Someone posted something about being embarrassed about reading their kids' books on Twitter and I just snapped.

I remember I once had a coworker who sneered at my book (ANNE OF GREEN GABLES) over the edge of hers. Which was by Danielle Steel. If I don't get to sneer, you don't get to sneer!

*m* said...

HEAR HEAR!! i, too, suffer from weird looks when i tell someone what kind of books i like. i'm glad that there are others like me out there. :)