Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wizards vs. Vampires in Wall Street Journal

Someone on the Child_Lit list pointed me at this one--an article in the Wall Street Journal comparing Harry Potter and Twilight, and examining the competing popularity of both franchises.

Mostly they focus on the movies. Both studios are very careful not to step on each others' toes while acknowledging the prominence of the other. It's all very polite.

Rather hilariously, WSJ claims that the Twilight adaptation was an overnight success when it hit theaters last November. Either someone is unclear on the exact definition of "overnight success" or they're ignoring the raging popularity of the novel that led it to be adapted in the first place. Um, right, guys.

Wisely, the article doesn't attempt a literary comparison of the two series, probably because they didn't want sixty-seven pages of comments reading, "OMG AVADA KEDAVRA!" or "I'm biting you right now."

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