Monday, August 10, 2009

The Vampire's Assistant Trailer

EarlyWord showed me this one: a trailer for October's "The Vampire's Assistant," based on the first three Cirque Du Freak novels. Wonder why they did that? Didn't work out so well for the Lemony "Another Excuse for Jim Carrey to Monopolize an Entire Movie" Snicket adaptation. Ahem.

I'll admit, though, that I'm hardly the person to judge--I couldn't finish the first Cirque du Freak novel because it freaked me right out. Good job, Darren Shan. So far, the movie bids fair to fulfill that requirement, and I might even see it as long as all the lights are on.

Okay, anyone who's read the whole series and can recite large-ish chunks of dialogue. What do you think of the trailer?


Donna Kwavolski said...

Maybe instead od just asking people to watch the video is making them not interesting at all so i think you should tell more about the sries and the movie trailor instead of just telling them to watch it. Also by telling them about it before watching it you could tell them what its about so they know and they can dicide if they want to watch it or not.

Do you think you would ever be an assistant?

Donna Kwavolski

Miss Mary Mack said...

I second Donna Kwavolski for the same resons so.....