Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Reading Roundup August 2009

By the Numbers
Teen: 17
Tween: 13
Children: 12

Teen: Marcelo in the Real World by Franscisco X. Stork
Tween: The Reminder by Rune Michaels
Children: Alvin Ho: Allergic to Camping, Hiking, and Other Natural Disasters by Lenore Look

Because I Want To Awards
Most Fun to Play Spot the Allusion: The Juliet Club by Suzanne Harper
More Than I Expected: Geek Magnet by Kieran Scott (review coming soon!)
Most Melancholy: Robot Dreams by Sara Varon
Most Heartwarming: That Book Woman by Heather Henson

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Kate Coombs said...

Yay--someone else who reads tri-genre, picture books and YA and MG! I like your round-up; wasn't Book Woman lovely? And thanks for the Geek Magnet review. I've been wondering about that one.