Monday, October 26, 2009

Book Banners and Unspoken Messages

See, I told you this kind of stuff was year-round.

In April, The Boy Book was challenged in Texas, and when she found out last month, E. Lockhart posted a response on her blog. She discusses the elements that were objected to, acknowledging that the book isn't for all ages, but my favorite part is this:
Also, I am sad for the kid whose mom made the fuss. Because that kid's mom has just said to her: "Don't come to me with questions about your developing body. Don't come to me with questions about drinking. Don't come to me with questions about boys and how to negotiate intimate situations. Because these things are SO UNSPEAKABLE that I will wage a serious battle, devoting significant time and energy, to make sure no one in your whole school even reads about them. This door is CLOSED between you and me." How sad is that? To be thirteen and know that you can no way talk to your mom about any of those subjects.
E. Lockhart, you rule in ever so many ways.


Terry Doherty said...

Thanks for the excerpt, Maureen. It seems that this is the trickle-down week for banner. Are you following the Scholastic Book Fair discussion? So sad!

Bibliovore said...

I am, and it's hideous. Did you see the other things they objected to? Round these parts, even the most conservative parents don't object to "Geez."