Saturday, October 17, 2009

KidlitCon: Checking in

It's our break hour now, before the cocktail hour/dinner this evening. The conference has been so much fun! I Twittered like crazy, and now my fingers are so tired that I'm just going to direct y'all to the handy-dandy transcript that Greg Pincus posted over at The Happy Accident. Plus this way, you get everyone's tweets, not just mine. If you couldn't be there, following the Twitter stream seems to have been the next best thing.

So many new friends met, old friends reconnected with, blogs to read, books to find. Thanks to MotherReader for putting this all together--it was truly a heroic undertaking. More tomorrow.

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Joan Holub said...

It was fun meeting you at the KidLitCon! (We chatted randomly and at breakfast.) Thanks for pointing me toward Greg's The Happy Accident--I was on overload at times, so it'll be nice to review. You are so right--Pam (MotherReader) did an amazing job with the hotel, and the sessions and panels. I'm hoping to make it next year!