Friday, May 28, 2010

The 48-hour Book Challenge is Only 168 Hours Away!

This is my holy schnikes post. Talking to a friend today, I realized we only have 168 hours until the 48-Hour Book Challenge starts. Egad!

I've decided to do Books I Told Someone I'd Read (need snappy title stat!). These are the books that were given to me or that I acquired, promising somebody I'd read them. It could be the author, a publicist, or the LibraryThing Early Reviewer program. I just hadn't gotten around to them yet, so I'm setting aside the 48-Hour Book Challenge to read them all at once. Woohoo!

As to my Greater Good cause, I think I will donate to First Book. This is an organization that provides new books to kids in low-income populations. I don't think anybody needs an explanation for why I want to support this cause.

If you haven't already planned the whole weekend of June 4-6 around the 48-Hour Book Challenge, do it now!

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