Saturday, May 01, 2010

Reading Roundup April 2010

By the Numbers
Teen: 22
Tween: 10
Children: 12

Review Copies: 1
Swapped: 9
Purchased: 2
Library: 28

Teen: Out of the Pocket by Bill Konigsberg
Outed by surprise, gay quarterback Bobby Framingham attempts to keep his feet and make his way through a storm of media and personal attention. I loved the more nuanced reactions of his friends and teammates--some raging homophobia, some immediate acceptance, and everything in between.
Tween: Lucky Breaks by Susan Patron
Our Lucky does some growing up. I appreciated Patron's willingness to have Lucky do things out of jealousy and spite, and then deal with what comes next.
Children: Best Friends and Drama Queens by Meg Cabot
Meg Cabot may know just about everything about the workings of the female brain, at any age. Allie Finkle, half tomboy and half girly-girl and all real, runs headlong into a sophisticated new classmate. If you're betting on Allie, you'd be right.

Because I Want To Awards
Actually Made Me Forget He Was a Freakin' Bear: Ice by Sarah Beth Durst
Awesome-tastic Nonfiction: The Lincolns - A Scrapbook Look at Abraham and Mary by Candace Fleming
Very, Very Familiar: Geektastic - Stories from the Nerd Herd edited by Holly Black and Cecil Castelluci
 Man, I So Knew I Was Gonna Cry: Ways to Live Forever by Sally Nichols
I Had No Idea Bubbles Were So Useful: Bubble Homes and Fish Farts by Fiona Bayrock

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