Friday, June 06, 2014

48HBC Book 1: Ask My Mood Ring How I Feel by Diana Lopez

Time: 1:29
Source: Local Library

My first book is down, refreshingly fast! I picked this one because I felt like I was going to identify strongly with the main character. I was right.

Capsule review: "I have to say, this book hit me where I live. Like Erica, I had a mom who got breast cancer. (She's fine now.) I also grew up Latina, with Spanish and English in my ears and Tex-Mex cooking in my home. And of course, no matter what your ethnicity, everybody can relate to the agonizing experience of being a middle-schooler."

Since the sun has gone down, the temperature has cooled off to something less than the surface of Mercury, so I'm going to take a walk and cue up my audiobook for a little while before I start my next book.


Liviania said...

Fast books are perfect for 48 HBC, aren't they?

Charlotte said...

Here it is chilly--had to put my fleecy jacket on this morning!

I hope your reading goes well today!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your walk!
I took one too. It's nice to get outside. :)

Paige Y. said...

This one is on my book order for next year. It sounds wonderful!

Amy said...

I had hoped to read this one for the challenge but my library request didn't come in fast enough. I enjoyed Confetti Girl, Lopez's earlier book.