Monday, December 10, 2007

John Green is an Eleven-Year-Old Fangirl

. . . at least for today. Check out the video below, one of John's bidaily messages to his brother Hank and all the other Nerdfighters out there in Internetlandia.

Logically, I know I may be old and grey and mean before this happens. Even besides the strike, Hollywood in general moves at about the speed of a frozen slug.

Still, I'm excited, if only because I'm a nerdfighter, and I also want to see how they're going to make such a mathy book sexy and hip without involving David Krumholtz somewhere.

Note to studios: See if you can involve David Krumholtz somewhere. We need the pretty in our lives. I would settle for multiple Krumholtz clones in a crowd scene.


Renay said...

When I watched the video today, I actually stood up and did my happy dance (Brothers Green would have been proud) because I am SO EXCITED. I am sad there's a strike! Dear studios, stop being lame so John Green can write his screenplay! PLZ PLZ PLZ!

I keep wondering how they would handle the footnotes. The footnotes were my favorite part. But I guess you have to give some things up for different mediums. Alas!

Bibliovore said...

Gak! I forgot about the footnotes! Yeah, I can't see how they'll include those either, unless John writes in Wonder-Years-esque narration, which is kinda hard to pull off on film.

No, wait, that could be a job for David Krumholtz. Footnotes Man. John, are you reading this?