Sunday, December 02, 2007

Reading Round-up: November 2007

It's been a bad week, blogging-wise. I was one sick puppy, and the things that came out of my nose, well, you don't want to know, that's all. But back to a better schedule next week!

Here's what November was like, book-wise.

By the Numbers
Books read: 57
Teen: 18
Tween: 16
Children: 16
Preschool: 16

Teen: The Silenced by James DeVita (review to come!)
Tween: So Totally Emily Ebers by Lisa Yee
Children: Permanent Rose by Hilary McKay
Preschool: Ballerino Nate by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley (review to come!)

Because I Want To Awards
Longest Awaited: Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy by Ally Carter
Better Than I Expected: Before, After, and Somebody in Between by Jeannine Garsee
Not Actually On My List of Stuff to Read: Ethan, Suspended by Pamela Ehrenberg
Most Likely to Prompt a Book Challenge: Hellbent by Anthony Gowan
Just Plain Weirdest: The Greedy Apostrophe by Jan Carr


Lisa Yee said...

I once had broccoli come out of my nose. Honest!

(Thank you for including my book on your list.)

Jeannine Garsee said...

I'm happy to see Before/After on your list. Thanks! :)

Jeannine Garsee

Bibliovore said...

Zowie! AuthorComments!

Lisa--Broccoli? Do I want to know? Yes. Yes I do.

Jeannine--thanks for sharing your book with the world! I'm watching out for the next one.

Lisa Yee said...

I snarfed while eating broccoli. Then I choked. And then had THE WORST PAIN in my nose and a huge headache.

I ended up blowing my nose really hard and the unchewed broccoli came out.

I kept the broccoli for a while. I'm not sure why.